Omayana International, Inc. works with Partners who share our vision and goal:

“Develop and provide advanced clean energy technologies to revive ecological environment, improving our health and living conditions.”

Omayana International focuses on the development, manufacture and sale of eco-energy health products and development of healthy living spaces, including plans for an eco-energy themed resort.

Research and Development

Omayana maintains an active advanced technology team with a focus on health, improving our ecological environment. Omayana was involved with technological collaboration with several of our partners.

We provide and promote a wide range of technologically advanced products to improve everyone’s life. 

Omayana International Products and Partners

  • Personal Health Care
  • Family Health Care
  • Advanced Solar Technology, Heating and Air Conditioning and Water Purification systems
  • Ecological Commercial Waste Conversion
  • Construction of ultimate healthy living spaces, connecting all the available technologies to create a model community 


USAChinaThailandJapanHong KongSingaporeAustralia 

Corporate Responsibility

Omayana is a company with heart. We have strong connections with local non-profit organizations working on the ground solving environmental problems.

We provide financial and technical support to ensure their success and growth.

Our Legacy

We choose our legacy to be that we came together to leave behind a better world for our children and grandchildren’s future. 

Thailand Home Office

68 Moo 1, Ban Pa Hiang, On Tai

San Kampaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand