Omayana is the leading innovator of eco-energy products designed to improve your health and well-being.

OMA was founded in 2010 by a group of friends from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The team members are ordinary people with love and gratitude towards nature.

Driven by a simple yet kind intention the team was brought together to benefit more people and to pay forward to the society.

The team has been continuously conducting researches and experiments over the years.

As a result of their strong will and dedication, a series of energy products and services have been introduced to the market.

The core team of four decided to carry forward and share the result of over 20 years of research to the public.

OMA combines the wisdoms of oriental medicine on physical and subtle body with quantum mechanics technologies.

We are building a platform of knowledge sharing, quantum health applications.

A sustainable business model is being established to achieve mutual benefits.

OMA Health Products

OMA’s Netwear product line helps align your body, promoting self-healing, leading to better health. Based on advanced technology developed over the past decade, OMA BEi® Netwear is available in many styles, providing a natural relief for pain and discomfort.

OMA Water Treatment Solutions inspired by the wisdom of water in microcosm of nature, BEi® adapted a precise design to make use of the biophotonic movements of light, air, water, rare metal and trace elements for creating resonance with nature.

Treated water filtration material by the BEi® Resonance Technology will result in enhancing effectiveness of information exchange and subtle energy transformation in the microcosmic environment of the substance. Apart from improving filter performance, the technology will help maintaining a balance of the human body with the resonance

OMA’s skin care Silver Water applied morning and evening will nourish and soften your skin, bringing out a natural glow, leaving your face soft and youthful. View our products

OMAYANA Lifestyle

Omayana’s Eco Villa takes healthy living to a whole new level. Located in a pristine area of Chiang Mai, Thailand, every aspect of the design is based on sustainable, ecological and energy based technology, providing residents with the ultimate healthy lifestyle. Learn more about this project

Energy Medicine Health Resort

Energy medicine is also called non-drug therapy, that is, using physical energy technology equipment, directly inputting energy into the organs needed by the human body

OMA combines energy medicine with traditional chinese medicine through professional scientific testing with Bio-Well technology and a professional analysis of your physical characteristics.

Learn more about Bio-Well and our health program.

OMA is the primal vibration that travels through the mountains, the ocean and the sky.

It is the compassionate nature of the universe that creates and nurtures all forms of existence.

This vibrational frequency which transcends sound and light resonates with nature.

This magical resonance frequency brings harmony to the nature, improves self-adjusting and self-healing capability of the human body.

Scientifically speaking, “The Primal Sound and Light” is nothing but phenomenons of quantum activities.