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Yucui Essential Oil Blend

Protect your respiratory and lung health!

Yucui essential oil can protect you and your family.

The COID-19 pandemic has changed human lifestyles, and it will become the norm for people to wear masks when they go out in the next few years.

Wearing a mask for a long time reduces the chance of contact between the respiratory tract and various bacteria from the outside world, but it weakens the body’s immune capacity, and can create susceptibility to various respiratory diseases and affects the normal function of the lungs.

Living in the present, protecting the health of the respiratory tract and lungs has become a top priority for mankind worldwide!

Yucui Herbal Small Molecule Essential Oil

Tzu Chi University in Taiwan and the Academia Sinica jointly developed specific herbal formulas to help build strength to the respiratory tract and lungs.

Unlike ordinary aromatherapy oils, the essential oils of Yucui extract are from seven herbs: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Borneol, Moutan Bark, Dracaena, and Mint.

A unique technology is used to extract small molecular phytochemical from natural herbs. There are no additives and no chemical ingredients. In addition to purifying, inhibiting bacteria and sterilizing indoor air, they can also be introduced into the body from the skin and respiratory tract to increase their effects.

Available in dropper bottle

Multiple Applications

Inhalation direct purification

The most classic way of using Yucui essential oil is to place a couple drops in the palm of you hand and heat it up, then inhale it deeply and forcefully through your nose.

Phytochemical small molecules can enter the respiratory tract and lungs effectively providing a purifying effect, creating an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-PM2.5 protection for the lungs and respiratory tract.

Air Purification

You can also add a few drops to an atomization diffuser to help purify invisible threats.

The atomization method can allow the fragrance to naturally diffuse the indoor air to inhibit bacteria, anti-virus, anti- inflammation and moisturize the bronchial tubes. It is very helpful in regulating colds and chronic respiratory diseases, and improves the symptoms of cough and phlegm.

Exclusive secret techniques passed down by mothers!

Add a few drops of essential oils to the water to wipe furniture or mopping the floor. After volatilization, the home will naturally form antibacterial protection, and the environment is surrounded by a clean fragrance.

The specific herbal formula is effective in anti-bacterial, anti- PM2.5, and protects the bronchus, chest, nasal and throat mucosa and other organs, especially the drug itself is an excellent lung fungicide.

Available in roller bottles

Recommended for massage and relief benefits

Apply essential oils to sore joints, muscles or acupuncture points, small phytochemical molecules can penetrate deep into the skin tissue to promote blood, lymph and other circulatory systems, effectively activate cells and relieve discomfort.

Can be applied to help with:

☑ Migraine with high intraocular pressure, apply to temples ☑ Leg pain – apply to calf muscles
☑ Stomach pain apply to four fingers on the navel
☑ Sports injuries

☑ Red itchy bites

Let good essential oils protect yourself and your beloved family!