Resonates With Nature

OMA Water contains the natural biophotonic information which harmonise and resonate with the human body and provides energy to help balancing different parts of body systems. It also strengthen cells metabolism and enhance self-healing power.

Pure & Non-toxic

OMA Water does not contain harmful substances, heavy metals and chemicals. It is slightly alkaline, and contains appropriate essential minerals and trace elements for the human body. The water maintains a balanced state of condition which avoids the intake of disproportionate amount of certain elements.

Structured Water Molecule

OMA Water is hexagonal-structure micro-clustered living water. Its molecule structure and vibration is very stable.

More Benefits

  • The water has a smooth and sweet taste
  • Easily absorbed by human cells and skin, revitalize and moisturize the body and hair
  • Prolongs freshness and expiry of food
  • Improves the aroma and tastes of tea
  • Effectively removes pesticide and insecticide when soaking the vegetables
  • Improves the growth of plants and flowers
  • Strengthen the growth of freshwater fishes
  • Attracts animals to drink more water
  • Reduces rust build inside water pipes
  • Helps increase dissolved oxygen level
  • When used water cycling back into nature, the biophotonic information in the water helps revitalise and improve the environment