Inspired by the wisdom of nature, BEi® makes use of the biophotonic activities for creating resonance with nature. This subtle microcosmic energy transformation will then help with maintaining a balance of the human body.

All particles of matter have their own frequencies. Likewise, every part of our body: organs, glands, nerves, bones, cells, DNA…each holding a specific frequency pattern.

Optimal health is achieved when the vibrations in every part of our body are in order, i.e., all the cells communicate well and all vibrations are synchronized in harmony.

When the cells in our body begin to deviate from its own frequency, it can not generate resonance with the other part. If this phenomenon continues, our body will lose its balance and gradually develop into different health issues.

OMA BEi® Technology is supported by over 10 years of research and product development efforts. We have successfully identified the vital life source energy, or Qi, that can resonate with our body cells and embed them in different kinds of materials.

Our products are then embedded with this stable life source frequency. They can continue to provide a steady flow of energy to harmonise our body’s cellular communication, restoring the vital energy among our blood, lymphatic and various bodily systems, helping to:

  • Maintain proper energy balance for the whole body
  • Remove the blockage in the meridian
  • Relieve pain
  • Unlock our body’s full potential
  • Boost up self healing power and promote overall health.

Our products were first launched in Europe in 2010, and has since then gained popularity among the health consciousness community looking for alternative and effective solutions to relieve all kinds of pain and improve bodily balance.

BEi® Photon Transmission Technology

Based on ideology of wholistic health and quantitative approach derived by quantum mechanical concepts, OMA has successfully invented the BEi® Photon Transmission Technology and different BEi® applications.

BEi® (BioEngergy Imprinting)

The second generation of technology which has been tested repeatedly for years on different materials. The core technology of OMA’s production.

OBA® (OMA BioBalance Analysis)

A technology-combo designed by OMA experts for quick and precise health and energy evaluation based on TCM principles using GDV-based equipments.

BRi ® (BioRhythem Impriniting)

An application of special sound frequencies together with wholistic tactics developed by OMA to adjust balance of body and boost up self-self- healing capacity