Imagine yourself living in a beautiful and peaceful park setting surrounded by mountains and flowing waters. 

Eco-village green living

You are living in a totally green, healthy environment. A community built upon ecological conservation and environmental protection. The villa complex is located on the edge of an ecological waterway and among green trees, surrounded by mountains and water, and the air is fresh.

Your home, and every structure in your community, is designed applying traditional Fengshui wisdom and geomagnetic sciences, and supplies a unique sustainable healing energy field for improved health.

The interior design of your home is made of materials designed with the environment in mind. You enjoy the benefits of energy saving and emission reduction technologies, good indoor ventilation and lighting, excellent drinking water quality.

You and your family enjoy a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Complete power and communication facilities, all laid in underground pipes and entirely invisible above ground. ensuring that your living area is entirely unaffected aesthetically or by electromagnetic waves.

Private, 220m underground water source with urban water supply backup ensures you a stable water supply.

Only high-frequency vibration energy spring water enters your home, allowing you to enjoy high-quality spa experience at any time.

A natural, ecological balance is maintained by the treatment of domestic sewage with three-stage sedimentation filtration and biodegradation system. Biosolids are fed into a biogas system that converts the remaining waste into renewable energy.

Use of anaerobic fermentation desulfurization biogas system treats waste, manure and sludge to produce renewable energy.

Your home’s indoor air conditioning operates quietly with a waste heat recovery system to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

These are just a few of the features you will enjoy when you choose to live at Omayana’s Eco-Village.

But there is more. Thought and care show in every aspect of the Omayana Eco-Village planning.

The villa building makes full use of the tropical climate Chiang Mai, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space. The design integrates yin and yang, yang and yin in dynamic, spacial formation.

Artificial wetlands cooperate with natural water systems.

The park combines an abundance of fruit trees – longan, lemon, mango, papaya, banana, dragon fruit and more – with great, shading trees, many endangered elsewhere in Asia.

  • The village’s organic gardens supply a cornucopia of fresh produce – tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, strawberries and melon.
  • The village collaborates with the international environmental organization Warm Heart Worldwide to restore the Park’s soil and ensure that its organic produce is of the highest possible nutritional value.
  •  A well-designed FM energy boardwalk provides residents gorgeous views of the of the surrounding mountains as the walk, while their bodies resonate with the FM energy and their minds finds peace.

All water at the village, both drinking water and domestic water, are specially treated to ensure your safety and improve your health.

All residences are equipped with Noise-Field elimination technology to remove harmful EMR electromagnetic radiation from the atmosphere around you, protecting your body from the dangers of electromagnetic interference.

The matching beddings in the bedroom have been processed by BEi ultra-micron photons, so that you can adjust your energy in your daily life and have a healthy posture.

Luxurious fresh air full of negative ions for urban people. You can breathe freely in the park and fill your cells with pure health!

Can you picture this lifestyle for you and your family?

Join a community that shares your enjoyment and respect for nature, and live the healthiest life you can lead. 

Optional services on site provide many additional health benefits for your family at our Energy Health Resort, as well as access to our state of the art OMA BEi® energy health products.

Construction to begin in fall of 2024. Investor/buyer inquiries are welcome.

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