Omayana Health Center

OMA is developing its first energy health center located in the hot spring region of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Combining energy medicine with traditional chinese medicine. through professional Bio-Well scientific testing and analysis of each customer’s physical characteristics, an individual plan is tailored for each client.

Treatment options include exclusive energy health conditioning program with chinese medicine bath, camphor treatment, massage, and psychological adjustment.

Customers are provided with daily health and life guidance, establishment of a complete health record, and comprehensive natural health services.

The health center is 35 kilometers away from the ancient city of Chiang Mai, about 40 mins by car, and about 35 minutes from Chiang Mai International Airport.

Covering an area of 31,600 square meters with 65% green coverage with more than 400 fruit trees such as longan, lemon, mango, papaya and banana are planted on the property.

With natural waterways by the two sides, the resort area consists of 66 holiday villas and 5 health service supporting facilities.

Omayana Health Center