OMA BEi Netwear

OMA BEi® products can improve sleep, relieve pain, improve suboptimal health. Are helpful for prevent diseases and thus reduce potential medical expenses.

OMA products can help adjusting the imbalance of person’s energy field, enhance physical strength, eliminate fatigue, and relax the body and mind.

OMA products help uplifting body to optimal state for exercise, learning and functioning. Can significantly improve balance, physical strength and performance of athletes and promote focus and memories of students.

With OMA BEi® products, damage of radiation to body can minimised by delocalisation effect to electromagnetic waves.

Made of environment-friendly or natural materials are reusable. Energy source is composed of durable natural minerals which is safe and stable radiation level and harmless to body.

Both product usability and functionality are able to meet the needs for daily life and health.

Available in many styles: Arm/leg, waist, neck, socks, stockings, glove, shoulder, sleep mask blindfold.

OMA BEi BubbleStep Insoles

Proprietary technology and design. Air bubbles stimulate the reflection area on feet and bring health effects.

Bioenergy and photon emitted by insole also promote blood circulation, help detoxing, activate cells and clear of meridian blockages.

Can used everyday for promoting health, relieving pains on knees and muscles, and made of biodegrable and medical-grade TPUn which is bacteria-free, odour-free and durable.

Patented design with wavy-edge maintain insole ventilation.

Suitable for people with chronic lower back and knee pain, also elderly, outdoorsy and sporty people.

OMA Water Treatment Solutions

Comprehensive solutions of water treatment from families or businesses. Can apply for house hold use (apartment, house or whole building) and commercial use (businesses, schools, F&B, Spa & Health etc.)

Applying BEi® technology with design make use biophotonic movements for light, air, water, rare metal and trace elements for creating resonance with nature. The technology will result in enhancing effectiveness of subtle energy transformation in water.

Quality of treated water will further enhanced due to restructuring of molecules during the treatment process.

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